JinYi’s Meltblown Line to Combat Global Pandemic

Meltblown Line

JinYi’s Meltblown Line to Combat Global Pandemic

JinYi press release | ChangZhou, China | 2020 – 5 – 23

Meltblown Line
Meltblown Production Line

Meltblown fabric is one of most demanded non-woven fabric in this pandemic. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, JinYi Machinery has been producing coversheet nonwoven and meltblown fabrics for masks to combat the global epidemic. As a result, this pandemic created an instant shortage of medical masks results and JinYi aims to provide society with quality meltblown fabrics for mask manufacturing. JinYi now have six meltblown production lines that produce meltblown fabrics, and all of these meltblown fabrics meet FDA standards for N95 masks; mainly for export to the United States and Europe. The meltbown fabrics produced on these lines are able to block over 98 percent of potential viruses.

The first experimental line was launched in March 14th. It was a big success. With help from meltblown expert Prof. Jing Xiang Yu from DongHua University, JinYi was able to develop and manufacture the first production line within 1 month. Our engineers discovered few technical difficulties in extruder’s temperature control system, and they fixed it within two weeks.

Moreover, In the middle of April, JinYi decided to add two static-electrical-adding production lines to help enhance virus fliting effect, and they are hydro powered and finished with through-air oven to dry.

Eventually, JinYi has manufactured 5 additional lines to combact the global pandemic. These 5 lines can manufacture up to 6 tons of top-tier meltblown fabrics per day. And this translates into 4.5 million N95 masks per day to help millions of people.

CDC standard for N95 masks

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