Our Mission

Exploring The Frontier of Non-Woven Technology 

Since the company was founded, our dedication and love for nonwoven technology has never changed. From the development of our first through-air bonded production line in 1994 to our current meltblown production line combating Covid-19, we have always maintained the highest respect for science and technology and have used our passion and dedication to create more possibilities for the future of our industry and society.

Our History

Non-Woven Production Line


Where Our Story Begins

JinYi Machinery’s heritage could be traced back to a small local smith shop in 1958.  It was initially established by the government to produce and fix agricultural equipments.

Like Confucius once said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” These sickles and hammers were the small stones that JinYi first learnt to manage.

Image from 1965
Where Our Story Begins


First Step into the World of True Machinery

60s and 70s were difficult time for the Chinese, especially for those who want to establish a great enterprise. It was a time of shortage; a shortage of food and frankly speaking, there was a shortage of anything that people can imagine, including machinery equipments.

We managed to find a old abandoned metal lathe by a riverbank 3 miles away from our factory and carried it back. Our engineers designed our first lathe machine model based on this machine.


Developed First Carding Machine for Woollen Products

China started economic reform in 1978 and gradually turning into a market economy. The market were expending rapidly and people were demanding more woollen products. This was JinYi’s first attempt to develop carding machine to process wools.


Developed First Carding Machine for Non-Woven Products

In late 80s, Chinese market began to welcome non-woven products and non-woven industry started to grow. We took this oppotunity to step into non-woven industry based on our previous experiences with carding machines, and became one of the major players in domestic non-woven industry.

Carding Unit


Developed First Through-Air Production Line

China was behind in this game of non-woven. We took the inititive to be the first on in China to adopt through-air bonding method. We developed our own through-air production line and it was a huge success.

Since then, through-air production line is still one of the most popular product from JinYi.  


Developed Meltblown Technology

Covid-19 has changed this world in nearly all aspects. It firstly started in late 2019 and later became the public enemy of the world. Jinyi has offered its own resources to help this world to fight covid-19. We’ve developed two meltbown production line to help making masks. This also marked our first step into the world of meltblown technology.