Opening & Blending

JinYi offers a wide range of solutions for short fiber preparation process. A standard fiber-preparation process would include bale opening, blending, and fine opening. The whole process is autonomous with minimal maintenance

Bale Opening

JinYi’s Bale opening series is a general-purpose fiber opener for short fiber production line. By taking advantage it’s weighing-belt, it is able to deliver the precise amount of fiber to process. It can also be customized to deliver different fibers in proportion for different production needs.

Bale opening unit

Blending silo

Blending Silo

After initial opening process, fibers are delivered to the blending silo for blending. Our blending silo is capable of process fibers of different length, density, color and mechanical properties. It’s size and blending rollers can be customized according to our client’s need.

Fine Opener

Fine opener is the final station for fiber-preparation. It turns big tufts into very small tufts. It includes optical sensor to secure a smooth and continuous feeding process.

Fine opener unit

Working fiber-preparation series