Feeding Hopper


Feeding Hopper

A smooth and continuous is a must for good carding result. JinYi offers solutions for all kinds of short-fiber feeding process.

Air-Pressed Feeding Hopper

Air-pressed feeding hopper is commonly used to process thin fibers. It produces a large circulating airflow in a relatively sealed chamber to deliver a stable fiber output. The air-pressure inside the chamber is being monitored by two air-pressure sensors.

It is optional to include an oscillating plate to further smooth the output batt.

Oscillating Hopper

Oscillating feeding hopper is used to process coarse staple fibers. It uses the method of oscillation to provide a uniform fiber feeding process for the subsequent carding machine.

It can also be equipped with an weight belt in-between oscillating hopper and carding machine to ensure uniformity in its batt feeding process.