Carding is the heart of non-woven production process. It transforms random oriented fibers to form uniformly formed webs. JinYi offers various carding configuration to provide the best solution for our clients.

Single-Cylinder Carding

Single-cylinder carding machine is a economical and reliable choice for non-woven fabric production.

It is commonly used in a pair to form double-carding process. It gives great evenness for the output web and thus, it’s often used in manufacturing interlining materials.

Tri-doffer configuration for 215 model

971 series with two doffers and two randomizers

Double-Cylinder Carding

Double-cylinder carding machines provide higher carding efficiency and greater output.

This basic model can be configured to manufacturing various non-woven fabrics, including filters, hygienic materials, interlining and synthetic leathers.

High-Speed Carding

JinYi’s high-speed carding model is often used in through-air bonding or thermal bonding production line. It is equipped with a high-speed transfer roller to replace traditional mid-doffer to increase it’s working speed to reach 120m/min.

This model of carding machine includes 10 working units for great carding result. It is commonly used in producing hygienic products, such as coversheet, ADL and absorbent structure.

097 configuration for coversheet production line