Through-Air processed fabrics typically has a fluffy nature. Therefore, it is often used in hygienic products and filtration products.

Through-Air Bonding Principle

Through-air bonding process ES (Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side) fibers. ES fiber is the composite fiber that includes a core and a coat. The core provides the structure and the coat helps to bond fibers together.

961 rotary through-air machine

Rotary Through-Air Bonding

Rotary through-air bonding machine is an energy efficient solution. It also requires less investment.

Rotary structure is suitable to process thin fabrics. It is commonly used to produce hygienic products.

Flat Through-Air Bonding

Flat through-air bonding machine provides speed and better heated-air penetration.

Flat structure is commonly used to produce bulky and thick fabrics.

9611 flat through-air machine